Water Heater Repair St Joseph and Kearney MO

Having issues with your hot water heater?  Have no worries, for we can have it producing hot water one again fast.  We are well versed with repairs on gas, electric, and tankless water heaters of all brands and models.

Minutemen Plumbing will take good care of ones water heating appliance and will explain various plumbing maintenance checks homeowners can perform on their own.  Thankfully, water heating equipment is built to operate and last well without much upkeep, but homeowners should check some of the components at least on a yearly basis. We want to help make sure one gets the longest likfe possible from ones equipment!

If ones hot water heater is leaking a lot of water and is causing major damage right now, see if you know where the water shut off is for the water heater’s water supply.  If not, try the water main stuff off for the home.  We can arrive really quick!

If you are building a new home, adding an addition, or just remodeling ones St Joseph or Kearney MO home, we can suggest the best size, make,and model hot water heater for the space too.


Water Heater Repair Kearney MO
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