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It seems pretty obvious that the plumbing fixture within the home that gets the most use is the toilet.  No, it’s not a glamorous topic, but it is a topic that must be discussed from time to time. If ones toilet is in need of repair, it is very apparent, for toilet issues show themselves easily.  Sometimes one can can a small water leak occurring behind a wall, in a ceiling, or beneath the floor, and it can take a while before signs of the leak are obvious, but that is usually not the case with needing a toilet repair.

No matter it ones issue with a toilet is from it not flushing properly, the toilet is clogged, or the toilet bowl is cracked and leaking, Minutemen Plumbing can quickly lend a hand.

Toilet Installation and Replacement

If one has had to repair a toilet frequently, it may be close to the time for a replacement toilet. Today’s options with replacement toilets is not what it used to be even a handful of years ago.  The toilet technology and visual appeal has come a long way. We can assist with the best selection of toilets for ones home or office, as well as faucets.

Before we would install a new toilet, we will make sure the plumbing lines are in good condition beforehand. We want to make sure that there will not be any water leaks from the plumbing pipes leading into and away from the new toilet. It is important to ensure that ones current plumbing will up to the strain the new fixture installation may have on the plumbing system.


Toilet Repair Kearney MO

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